We provide tax preparation services to a wide variety of individuals and families. From the high school student working a part-time job to the expanded business family, you can be sure your tax return is given the attention it deserves.


There are a few ways to go about completing the process:


1.) MAKE AN APPOINTMENT (419.224.6996): The average appointment takes less than one hour to complete. If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please notify us as soon as possible.


2.) DROP-OFF (DROP-OFF FORM): Simply complete the drop-off form with as much information as possible and bring it to the office with your tax documents. If you decide to mail it all to us, please call the office in a few days to be sure we received it. Once we have it, your return will be completed within one week. We will call you as soon as it is ready. If you do not complete the drop-off form with all needed information, this could extend the time it takes to complete your return. *THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEW CLIENTS*

3.) WALK-IN (1571 N. Main St., Lima, OH): Although walk-ins are welcome, we cannot guarantee if there will be a wait or how long the wait will be. If you arrive and choose not to wait, drop-off forms are provided in the office.



Payroll services are available. This could include bi-weekly or monthly payroll. Also, we will complete your Federal, State, and Local quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reconciliations. In addition, your Federal and State unemployment and Workers’ Compensation will be prepared.




Book-keeping is offered to be prepared on a monthly basis. We provide on-site book-keeping as well. 


If you are interested in either service,  please contact Cheryl Brayton at (419)224-6996.




This service is only available if we have completed your Federal income taxes. Please be sure to notify us prior to your appointment if you will be needing this completed. Also, please make your appointment with Cheryl Brayton or Danille Ridenour if you need this service done.






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